Khangabok, Thoubal

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Khanabok is one of the important tourist destinations of Manipur. It is the largest village of the state falling under the jurisdiction of Thoubal district. The Meiteis are the primary ethic group populating the village, and the language spoken here is Meiteilon or Manipuri.

The name Khangabok is derived from the tree Khangra which covered the present-day village area. As people started settling in the area, the trees were cut down, and the place got the name Khangrapokpi meaning where Khangra is grown. The modern derivation of Khangrapokpi is Khangabok.

There are a few places to see in the village such as the Ikop Lake which is also called Ikop Pat. The lake has an important place in the life of the villagers as they have been fishing and using the water for irrigation from here since a long time. The Lamlong Bazaar is also worth a visit.


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