Mavoothu, Theni

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Mavoothu is located around 93 km from Theni and 78 km from Anipatti. This place is famous for the Velappar Temple that stands on the Varushanad Hill. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. There is a shrine of the Saptakannikas in this temple which was built by the Kandamanur Zamindaar. There is a spring within the temple. It is believed that the water of this spring has the power to cure diseases and aliments.

Mavoothu refers to “spring of the Mango Grove” in Tamil. The place gets heavy rainfall, and this rainwater gathers around the many mango trees that the place has. Hence, it got its name. Mavoothu is a beautiful place to visit. It is nestled in the Western Ghats and is surrounded by rich natural vegetation.

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