Suruli Falls, Theni

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The Suruli Falls is famous for the 18 caves that depict the Indian rock-cut architecture of the 18th century. About 47 km from Theni is this waterfall situated. The waterfall cascades in two phases, and it falls from a height of 150 feet. The water gathers into a pool and then plummets again for around 40 feet. Meghamalai is the place from where the Suruli Falls originates.

The Tamil poet Ilango Adigal has sung the beauty of this fall in the epic, Silappathikaram. The area near to the fall is a hub of herbs with medicinal properties. At a distance of about half kilometre away from the waterfall, stands the Suruli Velappar Temple. Every year summer festival is celebrated at the Suruli Falls by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department.

This waterfall is an important tourist attraction in Theni. During the Monsoon season, it is flooded by tourists from different parts of India. Changing rooms are constructed, and showers are installed for the tourists.

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