Kuchanur, Theni

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Kuchanur is famous for the Sani Temple, one of the temples dedicated to Lord Sani exclusively, without the other accompanying planets or a ruling deity of a temple. It is believed that Lord Sani appeared in Swayambu or naturally appeared form in this place. Hence, the place got its name from the word Kubjanoor, one of the names of Lord Sani, that later became Kuchanur. Kuchanur also houses the Vadaguru Temple dedicated to Lord Guru which faces North.

This temple is quite old, and legends say that Lord Indra worshiped the deity of this temple. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman where there is also a deity of Pancha Mukha Ganapathi or Lord Ganesh with five faces in this temple. The rivulet Surabhi flows by the village of Kuchanur and the Sani Temple stands on the bank of this small river. Kuchanur is around 20 km from Theni.

Thousands of devotees from all parts of India come to Kuchanur every year to visit this temple to get relief from the malefic effects of Sani.

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