Vamil Temple, Thalassery

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Vamil Temple is a religious spot that attracts devotees and visitors primarily due to certain special ceremonies observed here. Visitors can reach this temple on the route that goes from Thalassery to the town of Kannur.

This temple is best known and most visited for its Theyyam- a ceremonial dance associated with the temples of Malabar. This ceremonial dance is performed daily at the Vamil Temple. Travelers are allowed to visit the temple during the performance and get a glimpse of this divine art form of hues and fervor. Every day at 12.30, Vamil Temple become venue to this performance that lasts for about half an hour.

For those who fancy a glance of the divine art forms and colorful temple celebrations of Malabar, Vamil Temple is a true delight.


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