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Suriyanar Kovil - Navagraha Temple Of Sun God


Suriyanar Kovil is a village located in the Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. The place is dedicated to the planet Sun and is one of the Navagraha temples or Sthalas. The village is well known for the Siva Satyanarayana Temple, which is a Hindu temple and is dedicated to Surya (Sun God). Devotees can also see the shrines of other planets in this temple. The temple is famous for its astrological significance, and a large number of pilgrims visit the place to strengthen the effects of planets for wealth and to reduce the bad effects of planets on their health.

Architecture And History Of Siva Satyanarayana Temple

The temple faces the west and is constructed in a way so that it can get utmost beneficial rays from the planets. The temple was built in the year 1100 AD, during the reign of King Kulothunga Chola Deva. The temple highlights a gigantic tower with 3 tiers and 5 domes at the peak. There is also a holy tank, which is known as Surya Theertham, which can be seen here. Guru Bhagavan is portrayed as worshipping Surya Bhagavan here. It is compulsory that at first one should worship Shiva (Prananadeswarar) and Parvati (Mangalambigai) at Thirumangalakudi and after that they can offer worship to Suryanarayana and other navagrahas.

Tourist Places In And Around Suriyanar Kovil

The Prananadeswarar Temple at Thirumangalakudi and Agneeswarar Swamy Temple at Kanjanur (Navagraha temple which is dedicated to Venus) are close by attractions.

A Visit To The Other Navagraha Temples

All the other eight Navagraha temples are in proximity to Suriyanar Kovil. One could visit Thirunallar in Pondicherry (for the planet Saturn or Shani), Kanjanoor (for the planet Venus or Shukra), Alangudi (for for the planet Jupiter or Guru), Thiruvenkadu (for the planet Mercury or Budhan), Vaideeswaran Koil (for the planet Mars or Sevvai), Thirunageswaram and Keezhperumpallam (for the two snake planets) and Thingalur (for the Moon)

How To Reach Suriyanar Kovil

Suriyanar Kovil is approximately 15 km from Kumbakonam and 21 km from Swamimalai. It is roughly 20 km from Mayiladuthurai. The nearest railway station from the place is the Aduthurai railway station.

Best Time To Visit Suriyanar Kovil

The time between October and March is the best season to visit Suriyanar Kovil and the other Navagraha temples or Sthalas.

Suriyanar Kovil is Famous for

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Suriyanar Kovil Weather

Suriyanar Kovil
30oC / 87oF
  • Patchy rain possible
  • Wind: SW 9 km/h

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How to Reach Suriyanar Kovil

  • By Road
    In order to reach Suriyanar koil by road, travelers should get down at the bus stop in Thirumangalakudi and then they need to walk about 2 furlongs in the east direction to get to Suriyanar koil. Travelers can also avail buses from Aduthurai, Thirupananthal and Anaikarai to reach the place.
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  • By Train
    The nearest railway station to Suriyanar koil is the Aduthurai Railway Station. The other cities that are close to the Aduthurai railway station are Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam.
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  • By Air
    Suriyanar koil which is located in Thanjavur district is about 15 kms from Kumbakonam. The nearest airport is the Trichy airport which is situated at 58 kilometers from Thanjavur. Tiruchirappalli is connected to Chennai through regular flights. The other airports situated nearby are the Bangalore airport and the Chennai airports which are again connected to all the major cities in India as well as several cities in abroad.
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  • Today
    Suriyanar Kovil
    30 OC
    87 OF
    UV Index: 7
    Patchy rain possible
  • Tomorrow
    Suriyanar Kovil
    27 OC
    80 OF
    UV Index: 7
    Moderate or heavy rain shower
  • Day After
    Suriyanar Kovil
    24 OC
    76 OF
    UV Index: 7
    Moderate or heavy rain shower