Thirumangalakudi, Suriyanar Koil

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Thirumangalakudi is a village situated in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. This village is famous for the Prananadeswarar Temple which is a Hindu temple, and the presiding deity is Prananadeswarar(Lord Shiva) and Mangalambigai(Goddess Parvati). This temple is located 1 km away from Suriyanar koil. According to legends, the minister of King Kulothunga, Alaivanar built a temple from the collected tax of the kingdom without taking the consent of the King.

The King then ordered to cut off the head of the minister. When the minister was asked to tell his last wish, he said to incinerate him in Thirumangalakudi. Thus, his dead body was brought to Thirumangalakudi. The minister’s wife sought refuge in Goddess Mangalambigai temple to bring her husband back to life. By the grace of Goddess, the minister came back to life. Then he went to this temple and embraced the Lord and called him Prananadeswarar. Thus, in this temple women worship the Goddess Mangalambigai for the well being and long life of their husbands.

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