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Trekking is a well known adventurous activity which can be best enjoyed in Rishikesh. The Garhwal Himalayan Ranges is one of the famous trekking routes in the region that starts from Thalisain and passes through Pauri. Adventure lovers can enjoy a quick trek in Buwani Neergud over the weekend. Trekking is easier in this region; therefore, people with an average physical fitness can also join in the fun.Roopkund is another noted trekking zone, which is situated at a height of 5029 m at Trishul Ridge. Also, known as the ‘Mystery Lake’, Roopkund has more than 300 corpses of animals and humans in it. The bodies are well preserved here due to the extremely cold temperature and can be seen when the lake melts. Kauri Pass, Devi National Park, Kalindi Khal Trek, and Kankul Khal Trek are some of the other preferred trekking routes. Period between February and October is considered ideal for trekking at these places.


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