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Rajim Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Rajim

  • 01Kuleshvara Mahadeva Mandir

    Kuleshvara Mahadeva Mandir

    At Ranim, there is an island which is formed by the Pairi and Mahanadi rivers. On this island, there is a famous Shiva Temple, known as the Kuleshvara Mahadeva Mandir. This shrine is built on an octagonal shaped platform which is about 17 ft in height.

    The Kuleshvara Mahadeva Mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture of this temple includes a Mandapa, which is 26 ft long and a sanctum. There are sculptures of gods and goddesses carved on the pillars of this temple.

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  • 02Ramachandra Temple

    Ramachandra Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Rama, the Ramachandra Temple of Rajim was built around 400 years ago by Govind Lal, who was known to be a banker and a merchant from Raipur. It is said that the material used to build this temple belonged to the ruins of temples from Sirpur. The pillars include large carvings of deities, which are said to be Ganga and Yamuna.  

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  • 03Rajiv Lochan Temple

    Rajiv Lochan Temple

    The Rajiv Lochan Temple is one among the famous shrines housed in the town of Rajim. This extensively carved temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it is a delight to the eyes of the visitors. People from all around the world visit this shrine. The Rajiv Lochan Temple has twelve solid towers that support the main structure.

    These stone pillars are beautifully engraved with the sculptures of various deities from the Hindu Mythology. The entrance door to this temple also bears carvings of creepers and people. The Rajiv Lochan Temple also has temples of Lord Vamana, Lord Narashimha, Lord Shiva and other Gods, located close to it.

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  • 04Champaran


    The town of Champaran, which was earlier known as Champajhar, is located at a distance of about 15 km from Rajim. Champaran is a popular Vaishnava Peeth, as it is the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya who was the founder of the Vaishnava Sect. The interiors of the temple complex is made of marble, which boosts the peaceful spirit of this place.

    On the outside, the temple is a treat to one's eyes, as it has bright and colourful pillars and arches. In addition, the Champaran Temple also has an inner courtyard which has statues that narrate the saint’s life story.

    There is a temple in this town, which was constructed to honour Saint Vallabhacharya. The complex of this shrine is known as Sudamapuri. This temple is thronged by devotees, mostly the Gujaratis, on the month of Shravan, in the Hindu calendar.

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