Champaran, Rajim

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The town of Champaran, which was earlier known as Champajhar, is located at a distance of about 15 kms from Rajim. Champaran is a popular Vaishnava Peeth, as it is the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya who was the founder of the Vaishnava Sect.

The interiors of the temple complex is made of marble, which boosts the peaceful spirit of this place. On the outside, the temple is a treat to ones eyes, as it has bright and colorful pillars and arches. In addition, the Champaran Temple also has an inner courtyard which has statues that narrate the saint’s life story.

There is a temple in this town, which was constructed to honour Saint Vallabhacharya. The complex of this shrine is known as the Sudamapuri. This temple is thronged by devotees, mostly the Gujaratis, on the month of Shravan, in the Hindu calendar.  

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