Pinangwan - The Land where Medieval Ruins are Found

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Pinangwan is located in the Mewat district of Haryana and is located 100 km south of Delhi, the capital of India. Dating back to history, Pinangwan is an old town ruled by Qazi Dost Mohammad in the 17th century.

Tourists places in an around Pinangwan

When one is in Pinangwan, Havannagar, Autha, Bhadas and Ujna are some of the tourists attractions recommended to the travellers travelling to Pinangwan.

Best time to visit Pinangwan

The best time to visit the destination is between September and November due to pleasant weather conditions.

How to reach Pinangwan

Pinangwan is well connected to the major cities in the state by rail and road, the nearest railway junction to the town is Hodal Railway Station located at a distance of 32 km. 

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