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Peren – The Land Of Virgin Forests


Nagaland is one of the most scenic states in the country, but if there is a place in the state where you still find virgin and untouched forests it is the district of Peren. The inhabitants of this place have preserved the forests religiously which makes it one of biggest attractions in the state.

It is bounded by Assam and Dimapur district on the west, district of Kohima in the east and the state of Manipur on the south. The town of Peren which is also the district headquarter is a paradise for the nature lovers.

The town which is located on a hill top, offer a birds-eye view of the neighbouring states of Assam and Manipur.

Peren's Natural Beauty, A Traveller's Bounty!

Forming a part of the Barail ranges Peren district has been blessed by Mother Nature. Here in this district you will come across rich and dense vegetation and gushing rivers and different species of animals and birds.

The rich vegetation costs of sub-tropical mixed forest. The cane and bamboo trees form most of the forest cover along with pine, eucalyptus and different varieties of wild orchid. The district is also rich in mineral resources though these haven’t been explored on a large scale.

Among major tourist attractions in this town and its surrounding areas are Ntangki National Park, Mt. Paona, Mt. Kisa, Benrue and the caves at Puilwa village.

The British Invasion

Peren for most parts of its history remained an isolated place with the Zealings practising their own culture and traditions.

In the year 1879 after consolidating Kohima the British made their way into this part of Nagaland and established their authority over the people. Soon the British authorities started building roads and other lines of communication to this place linking it with Kohima and Dimapur. This also led to people from other nearby areas coming and selling in the town and villages.

Culture & People Of Peren

The district and the town of Peren are inhabited by the Zealings tribe who originated from Nkuilwangdi which is in the Senapati district of Manipur.

Known as the Kacha Nagas during the colonial times majority of the tribe is involved in agriculture. The climatic conditions and the soil make it one of the most fertile districts in Nagaland. The Zealings are known for their rich culture which has been passed over to them from their ancestors.

Like all major Naga tribes they have their distinct art and artefacts, food, dance and music making them one of the most vibrant tribes in the state. With the coming of the British who brought along missionary institutions, the culture and lifestyle of this place went through a paradigm shift.

Christianity paved its way into this land with Kohima Mission Centre playing a vital role spreading the message of Christianity and adding to the number of followers of this region. Christmas is the biggest festival for the people of Peren along with traditional festivals such as Mimkuut which is the harvest festival, Chega Gadi, Heva festival and Chaga – Ngee which is celebrated to honour the brave warriors of the tribe.

Inner Line Permit

Tourists visiting Nagaland need to obtain an Inner Line Permit which is a simple travel document. This is applicable for domestic tourists coming from different parts of India. This document can easily be obtained from Nagaland House in New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati or Shillong.

Tourists can also apply for this permit to the Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung. Foreign tourists no longer required to obtain the ILP; however they need to register themselves with the Foreign Registrar’s Office of the district they are visiting.

Peren is Famous for

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How to Reach Peren

  • By Road
    Peren is well connected to Dimapur and the state capital Kohima by road which opens it to the rest of the world. While Dimapur located 77 kilometres from the town Kohima is located 139 kilometres away. Nagaland State Transport buses and shuttle cabs connect Peren to these two places.
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  • By Train
    There are no railway stations in the district of Peren. Dimapur Railway Station which is located 77 kilometres away and serves as an important link to the rest of the country. Daily trains connect this station with cities like Guwahati, Kolkata and New Delhi. Shuttles are easily available from the station to the town.
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  • By Air
    There is no airport in the town of Peren. Dimapur Airport serves as the perfect gateway to this place and is located 71 kilometres from the town. This airport is connected by daily flights to Guwahati and Kolkata. Shuttles and taxis are easily available from this airport to Peren.
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