Mt. Kisa, Peren

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In the southernmost end of the Peren district and close to the border with the state is Mt. Kisa which is located in the Nzauna village. Often spelled as Mt. Kisha it is a popular spot for tourists visiting this part of Nagaland. This place is of great historical significance as it was one of the frontiers of the Naga tribals and served as a point of contact with other tribes in the region in the past. This place is located about 28 kilometres from the town of Peren and easily accessible.

Tourists here experience some breath-taking views of the valley and the other peaks in the area. It is covered with dense vegetation and rich in different varieties of flora and fauna. Unlike many other peaks Mt. Kisha has still been able to preserve its wild feel which makes it a perfect destination for an adventurous trip.


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