Mt. Paona, Peren

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Mt. Paona is one of the hotspots for tourists coming to Peren district. The peak that is located 35 kilometres from the town stands majestically along the Benreu range and is the third highest peak in Nagaland. It offers a magnificent view of the valley below where you will witness lush green forest cover, something Nagaland is known for. This place is only 6 kilometres from the Benreu village another popular tourist destination and many people take the adventurous trekking route to this peak.

Here you will come across a wide variety of plant species including Rhododendrons, Orchids and also witness different birds and animals such as Mithun in their natural habitat. Around the peak there are also several man made stone monoliths carved by the locals over centuries which have stood the test of time. Don’t forget to drink some water from the natural water springs to have a real adventurous experience.


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