Kabuli Bagh, Panipat

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Kabuli Bagh, comprising a garden, a mosque and a tank was built by Mughal Emperor Babur to celebrate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of Panipat. He named the mosque as well as the garden after his wife Mussammat Kabuli Begum.

Six years later, a congratulatory platform or a chabootra named ‘Fateh Mubark’ made of stones was added to the memorial by his son Humayun after he defeated Salim Shah. The inscription on it dates it to 934 Hijri corresponding to 1557 A.D.

The mosque is flanked by two chambers on both its sides. Its parapet bears a Persian inscription running along its length. The square shaped prayer hall of the mosque has annexes on its sides, each one comprising nine bays and topped with semi-circular domes built upon low drums. The high façade of the mosque is plastered with lime and divided into panels.

The entire memorial including the mosque, the tank and the garden still exist in perfect shape some two kilometres from the city of Panipat.

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