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Mokokchung Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung

  • 01Mokokchung District Museum

    Mokokchung District Museum

    Mokokchung is considered to be an important town of Nagaland because of its strong Ao presence. Since Mokokchung is the Ao heartland of Nagaland, there are several interesting things that can be found about the Ao tribe here. The best place to find all of them and, surprisingly, much more is the Mokokchung District Museum. The district museum reflects the ways and lives of the Aos over centuries.

    Mokokchung District Museum is housed inside the Arts and Cultural Complex of the district. Swords, shields, traditional attire, such as the famous Naga shawls, traditional jewellery and accessories are some of the artefacts on display here in the museum. A well-planned visit to the Mokokchung District Museum also enables tourists to see the marked distinctions between the Ao tribes and the others tribes of Nagaland as well as the rest of the country. Spend a few good hours in the museum and learn a lot more about the Aos.

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  • 02Mokokchung Park

    Mokokchung Park

    Mokokchung Park or popularly known as the town park is one of the most popular destinations for any tourist visiting this town. It is an ideal place to relax and get lost amidst nature. Located in the heart of the town, this place attracts the locals as well as tourists coming. The viewpoint in the park offers visitors a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful town of Mokokchung, which appears like a perfect portrait on a canvas.

    The park features a soccer ground and a watchtower. Soccer is the most popular sport in Nagaland like many other states of Northeast and you can witness some budding talent showcase their skills. Spring is the best time to be in this park as you will be mesmerised by the wide variety of flowers and orchids on display. Local birds add to the scenic beauty of this park.

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  • 03Changtongya


    A visit to Mokokchung is incomplete until a few towns of the district are visited. If you are looking for a picturesque Ao village in the Mokokchung district, a visit to Changtongya is a must. Perched up the Langpangkong Range and located 40 kilometres north of the Mokokchung town, the idyllic life here can take away all the worries of the world.

    The Tsula (Dikhu) river and the Melak river criss-cross through the town enhancing its beauty manifold. You can get a panoramic view of two rivers from the hilltop. An interesting thing that can be witnessed in Changtongya is that in one spot on the river Tsula (Dikhu), crude oil comes out which is known as "menemtsu" by the locals. Birdwatching is a popular activity in Changtongya and has several picnic spots. Ao is the prevalent language of the people here. National Highway 61 passes through Changtongya connecting it to the entire Mokokchung district.

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  • 04Mokokchung Village

    Mokokchung village is one of the old, traditional villages of the Aos when they migrated from the first Ao village of Ungma in the same district. The name Mokokchung can be broken down into two parts: Mokok and Chung. While Mokok means unwillingly, Chung means a group of people; thus, Mokokchung literally means a group of people unwillingly moving away from their original settlement. The important festivals of the Mokokchung village revolve around agriculture and nature, just like in the case of other tribes in Nagaland.

    Moatsu Festival is celebrated in honour of the creator of the whole earth whose blessing is sought for better cultivation. The Tsungremong Festival is a celebration of the harvest season and is held in the first week of August. With conversion, Christianity has become the popular religion of the village. You can easily drive down to the Mokokchung village from the Mokokchung town.

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