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Mokokchung Weather

October to March is regarded as the best time to travel to Mokokchung. During this season you can enjoy the pleasant mild weather along with the occasion downpour. Celebrating New Year in Mokokchung can be quite an experience for many who want to witness the tribal way of welcoming a new year.  


The summers in Mokokchung are mild. Since Mokokchung adjoins the Assam plains one would expect summers to be harsh here too but surprisingly it isn't so., The nights can get quite chilly even during the summers. The average temperature during summer in Mokokchung is 27 degrees C.


Monsoon is a prolonged affair in Mokokchung with rain falling for most of the year. It usually rains for about nine months here. The heaviest rainfall is witnessed during the months of July and August. The average rainfall that this place sees is 2500 mm.


January and February are the coldest months for Mokokchung. The temperature is known to drop to as low as 2 degree C. However, the average temperature during the winters stays between 11 to 23 degrees C.