Changtongya, Mokokchung

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A visit to Mokokchung is incomplete till a few towns of the district are visited. If you are looking for a picturesque Ao village in the Mokokchung district, a visit to Changtongya is a must. Perched up the Langpangkong Range and located 40 kilometres north of the Mokokchung town, the idyllic life here can take away all the worries of the world. The Tsula (Dikhu) river and the Melak river criss-cross through the town enhancing its beauty manifold. You can get a panoramic view of two rivers from the hill top. An interesting thing that can be witnessed in Changtongya is that in one spot on the River Tsula (Dikhu), crude oil comes out which is known as ‘menemtsu’ by the locals. Bird watching is a popular activity in Changtongya and has several picnic spots. Ao is the prevalent language of the people here. National Highway 61 passes through Changtongya connecting it to the entire Mokokchung district.


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