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Mokokchung is considered to be an important town of Nagaland because of its strong Ao presence. Since Mokokchung is the Ao heartland of Nagaland, there are several interesting things that can be found about the Ao tribe here. The best place to find all of them and surprisingly much more is the Mokokchung District Museum. The district museum reflects the ways and lives of the Aos over centuries.

The Mokokchung District Museum is housed inside the Arts and Cultural Complex of the district. Swords, shields, traditional attire such as the famous Naga shawls, traditional jewellery and accessories are some of the artefacts on display here in the museum. A well-planned visit to the Mokokchung District Museum also enables tourists to see the marked distinctions between the Ao tribes and the others tribes of Nagaland as well as the rest of the country. Spend a few good hours in the museum and learn a lot more about the Aos.

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