Miramar - To Play with the Golden Sand!

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Miramar, which in Portuguese means viewing the sea is all about the amazing and majestic view it offers of the Arabian Sea. One of the best situated beaches in Goa in terms of location, Miramar beach is just about 3 kilometres from the capital Panjim. It is situated where the River Mandovi opens up into the Arabian Sea. Unlike some of its shorter counterparts, Miramar beach offers ample hotels for tourist to put up at and it makes for an ideal place to be based at during your Goa vacation.

Miramar beach is one with golden sand flanked with palms. It is one of the best places for an evening walk given its 2 kilometre long coastline and the fact that it boasts of being in the Silver Sand belt. The sand of the beaches on this belt is said to offer an amazing luminescence in the moonlight.

The best time to visit Miramar beach has got to be between November and March owing to a mixed crowd and a whole lot of migratory birds that make it even better eye candy. Tourist destinations like Dona Paula and Aguada fort are in proximity of Miramar beach and tourist can find a lot of small shopping places around the beach.

To get to Miramar, its best to catch a Panjm bound bus or hire a taxi from the airport. It’s pretty famous and boards will assure you the cab driver doesn’t end up gypping you.

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