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Miao Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Miao

  • 01Bordumsa


    There is a small town known as Bordumsa in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. With an elevation of 150 m, Bordumsa has a population of about 25,368. This town is mainly the home of a local tribe called Singpho. Also, this town is inhabited by various other tribes such as Tai-Khampti, Tai-Khamyang and Tai-Phake.

    'Bordumsa' is said to be a combination of two words, 'bor' which means 'big' and 'dumsa' which is one of the titles of the Singpho tribe, the original inhabitants of this town. A lot of tribals belonging to different tribes can still be seen at Bordumsa. Additionally, some of the prominent villages of the Bordumsa Circle are Dumsa-village, Goju, Gelenja, Lalung, Giding, Kherem and so on.

    The locals of this town are religious and take part in the tribal and Hindu festival with enthusiasm. With its vast tea plantations and Buddhist shrines, the town of Bordumsa has become one among the major tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh.

    There is a beautiful Buddha Mandir found at Goju, in Bordumsa, along with a huge statue of Buddha at the busy town square. There is also a Shiva Mandir which should not be missed seeing.

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  • 02Nampong


    Yet another charming town of the state of Arunachal Pradesh is Nampong. This town is situated in the Changlang District and is close to the Pangsau Pass. With an elevation of 308 m, Nampong, in the earlier days, was located on the infamous Ledo Road which was also known as Stilwell Road.

    Stilwell Road was named after General Joseph Stilwell. Because of the landslides that occurred often and the harsh working conditions, this area was nicknamed the “Hell Pass”. Nampong is famous as the last town in the Eastern Corner of India, sharing its boundary with Myanmar.

    Every month people are let into Myanmar through the Pangsau Pass. The Tangsas being the predominant tribe of Nampong, there are also other sub tribes within the Tangsas such as the Tikhak, Muklom, Havi, Longchang, Mossang, Jugli, Kimsing, Ponthai, Sangwal and so on.

    Most of these tribes are said to be of Mongoloid descent. Legends say that the Tangsas originated at a hill known as Masoi Sinarupam in Myanmar, after which they migrated to their present day habitat in the early 18th century.

    Initially they were said to be followers of the Bon Faith, which involves ceremonial slaughter of animals. But over time these tribes have converted to Buddhism and Christianity. Being a harmonious and hard-working community, the Tangsa are mainly agriculturists. Apart from that, these tribals are also experts in making handicrafts and woodcarving.

    The Tangsas are well-known for their hospitality. The main attraction of Nampong is the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival which is organized every year on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of January.

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  • 03Jairampur


    Located in the Chaglang district in the southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh is the town of Jairampur. This town is the ADC Headquarters of Changlang district. Situated along the Indo-Myanmar Border and Namchik basin, Jairampur has a vast spread of evergreen tropical rain forests.

    At the hilly town of Jairampur visitors can experience the true beauty of nature, as they can wake up to the calls of the Hollock Gibbons and treat their eyes to the greenery around. The town of Jairampur is rich in natural resources and in this small town, the people are extremely hospitable.

    The atmosphere of the town is relaxed and laidback, where the travellers can destress for a while. The 2001 India Census has found that Jairampur has a population of 5918 and the literacy rate of this town is 71%, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%.

    The predominant tribe that inhabits Jairampur is the Tangsa, which has a variety sub-tribes. These tribals are hard-working and warm natured. Most of the people belonging to the Tangsa in Jairampur have converted to Buddhism and Christianity over the years and their main occupation is agriculture.

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  • 04Namsai


    One of the major towns of Arunachal Pradesh is the township of Namsai. Famous as the 'Land of the Golden Pagoda', Namsai is located near the Dihing river in the Lohit district. This township is quickly developing, as traders from all over the country often visit this place for business.

    The town of Namsai is the perfect blend of tribal and modern lifestyle. In March 2002, a 660.37 m long bridge was built over the Dihing river at Namsai. The locals of this town have been following Buddhism as their religion since the early times. These tribes value their culture and tradition greatly and they are known as one of the most civilized tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

    The culture of these tribes reflects the cultures of Thailand to a great extent. Interestingly enough, the tribal people of Namsai have set a great standard of living for themselves and are aiming towards a promising future.

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