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Jairampur, Miao

Located in the Chaglang district in the southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh is the town of Jairampur. This town is the ADC Headquarters of Changlang district. Situated along the Indo-Myanmar Border and Namchik basin, Jairampur has a vast spread of evergreen tropical rain forests.

At the hilly town of Jairampur visitors can experience the true beauty of nature, as they can wake up to the calls of the Hollock Gibbons and treat their eyes to the greenery around. The town of Jairampur is rich in natural resources and in this small town, the people are extremely hospitable.

The atmosphere of the town is relaxed and laidback, where the travellers can destress for a while. The 2001 India Census has found that Jairampur has a population of 5918 and the literacy rate of this town is 71%, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%.

The predominant tribe that inhabits Jairampur is the Tangsa, which has a variety sub-tribes. These tribals are hard-working and warm natured. Most of the people belonging to the Tangsa in Jairampur have converted to Buddhism and Christianity over the years and their main occupation is agriculture.

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