Namsai, Miao

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One of the major towns of Arunachal Pradesh is the township of Namsai. Famous as the 'Land of the Golden Pagoda', Namsai is located near the Dihing River in the Lohit district, this township is quickly developing, as traders from all over the country often visit this place for business. The town of Namsai is the perfect blend of tribal and modern lifestyle.

In March 2002, a 660.37 m long bridge was built over the the Dihing River at Namsai. The locals of this town have been following Buddhism as their religion since the early times. These tribes value their culture and tradition greatly and they are known as one of the most civilized tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The culture of these tribes reflects the cultures of Thailand to a great extent. Interestingly enough, the tribal people of Namsai have set a great standard of living for themselves and are aiming towards a promising future.

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