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Mangan Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Mangan

  • 01Singhik


    Singhik is a village which is located about 12 km away from the town of Mangan. It is at an altitude of 5200 ft and offers amazing views of the Kanchenjunga range and of Mt Siniolchu. The village also has an ancient monastery which is popular. There are also many mountain streams, forest hills and trails that make the place famous amongst travellers.

    Surrounded by the green nature and the serene Teesta river flowing below, the place is a heaven for those who seek seclusion from their busy lives.

    Singhik is close to the other popular destination of northern Sikkim. It also provides facilities for a night’s stay if you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the place for a while.

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  • 02Labrang Monastery

    Labrang Monastery

    Labrang Monastery literally means the Lama's dwelling and was built in 1884, after about 70 years since it was commissioned in 1814 by Gyalshe Rigzing Chempa. They follow the principles of Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was constructed in honour of Latsun Chembo of Kongpu in Tibet, who is lovingly remembered for establishing a Buddhist School in Sikkim.

    Labrang Monastery is located at a distance of 2 km from the Phodong Monastery on the North Sikkim Highway. Unlike most of the monasteries in Sikkim that were ruined by fire, this one has maintained its original structure.

    The murals exhibited at the prayer hall of the monastery repeat the famous Padmasambhava pose 1022 times. Upstairs there is an idol that wears a necklace of amputated heads. The monastery also witnesses Cham dances during early December every year.

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  • 03Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem

    Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem

    Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem is architecturally built in resemblance to the Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem of Martam in West Bengal. It was built in 1983. The place is crowded with tourists and devotees during the festival of Maghe Sankranti, which is celebrated during the month of January.

    Maghe Sankranti is a festival which marks the beginning of a warmer weather in Sikkim. It is celebrated by the Nepalese and is celebrated on the first day of the tenth month of every year according to the Bikram Sambat calendar. On this day different melas and activities are held at different places in and around Sikkim.

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  • 04Rong Lungten Lee

    Rong Lungten Lee

    The Rong Lungten Lee closely resembles the traditional house of the Lepcha sect at Namprikdang. It is situated at a distance of 8 km from the town of Mangan. Rare collections of the artefacts of the Lepcha community are displayed in this house.

    The house is divided into three parts. The ceiling is called phodong which means attic. This portion is used to store valuable and antique items which are displayed to the visitors. The house is open throughout the year and is often visited by many domestic as well as foreign tourists.

    The Namprikdang is located at the confluence of two rivers – Kanaka and Teesta. The beauty of flora and fauna here is a sight to be admired.

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