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Lachung, a picturesque town in Sikkim, is located at an altitude of 9600 ft above sea level in the North Sikkim district. This is also a place where the two rivers Lachen and Lachung - the tributaries of River Teesta meet. Lachung literally means "a small pass" and has been a favourite of writers from around the world. Lachung is known for its monastery – the Lachung Monastery, which is often visited by tourists from round the globe. It also serves as a gateway to the Yumthang valley.

This little town in Sikkim is extremely picturesque and is a popular tourist spot. Such is its beauty that a renowned British explorer Joseph Dalton Hooker went on to call the place 'the most picturesque village in Sikkim' in one of his worked named The Himalayan Journal. Specially renowned for its cascading waterfalls, pristine streams and some vast scenic apple orchards, it is flocked by people from across the globe mostly between October and May. The tourist's count is a little less during winter though the place will be heavily snow clad during the time.

Tourist Places In And Around Lachung

There aren't many places of tourists' interest at Lachung, but the place still has a few important things one can visit while at Sikkim. The famous attractions of Lachung are the Lachung Monastery and the Rhododendron Sanctuary – a sanctuary with many varieties of the state flower rhododendron that’s in full bloom during the early summers.

While one can get to relish the tastiest apples, apricots and peaches at Lachung, the pretty town is also famous for a handicrafts centre, from where one can take home some warm and exquisite handmade comforters.

Lachung - Weather

Lachung experiences mild summers with winters being very cold and monsoon having heavy rainfalls.

Lachung's Locals

The people who reside in Lachung are mostly of the Lepcha community and Bhutia – the Tibetan descent. They are known as the Lachungpas. The popularly spoken languages here are Nepali, Lepcha and Bhutia. The people of the town follow their unique administrative system called Dzumsa even to this day, under which all the local disputes are settled.

Lachung For The Adventurous...

Lachung also supports a few adventure sports. While it happens to be the base camp for the trek to rhododendron sanctuary (a trek that starts from the Yumthang valley and ends at Lachen valley), a place close by the town called Phuni is known for skiing activities.

How To Reach Lachung

Lachung can be reached from nearby cities by air, rail or road.

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