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Legship is a town in West Sikkim which has slowly gained popularity in the past few years. The beautiful town is called the Gateway to West Sikkim. Rangit Dam – Sikkim's first dam built for it's hydro electric purposes – is housed in Legship. The water collected through this dam is what is made use of at Rangit Water World, an amusement park in town.

Tourist Places In And Around Legship

Legship has a few interesting attractions for the tourists. Some of them include the Rangit Water World and the Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple. This temple has been mentioned in several mythological episodes of the famous Hindu epic, Mahabharata.

Also, apart from this famous Shiva temple, there are shrines dedicated to goddess Durga and Lord Rama too, which thus make Legship an important pilgrimage spot for the Hindus as well. Other attractions include the Sulphurous Hot Springs and The Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves

What Makes It Unique?

Though a small place, the town of Legship is an ideal place if you wish to escape from the busy life in the cities, relax and laze around in the lap of nature.

Legship – Weather

Legship has a humid and cold climate almost throughout the year.

Legship is Famous for

Legship Weather

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How to Reach Legship

  • By Road
    There is no route available in Legship
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  • By Train
    Siliguri is the only place with a railway head in the region around Legship. The station is connected to all the major cities of the state.
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  • By Air
    The Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri is the nearest airport to Legship. Regular flights are available from places within the country like Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Delhi and Kolkata. The airport is also connected to a few international destinations.
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