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Chungthang is a small town, located in the North Sikkim district. Present on the way to Yumthang, Chungthang valley can be found present at the union of the rivers Lachung chu and Lachen chu. And this little town in Sikkim is considered quite sacred and blessed by the famous patron saint of Sikkim – Guru Padmasambhava. The town of Chungthan is all of rich bio diversity and includes a wide range of interesting flora and fauna.


Chungthang town of Sikkim has a very interesting history. Believed to be blessed by the Guru Padmasambhava, it is considered sacred and has various interesting myths and legends attached to its history. Says a tale, the famous Buddhist saint Guru Padmasambhava visited Chungthang and reseted on a rock upon which one can find his footprints even to this day. Also, there is a small opening in the same rock from where water keeps continually flowing. What's more, Chungthang also has a piece of land on which paddy is grown. And it is believed to be a miracle for paddy supposedly does not grow in climatic conditions as at Chungthang.

And there is yet another interesting legend because of which Chungthang is further considered sacred. Guru Nanak Dev is also believe to have stopped over at Chungthang during his trip to Tibet and China. And the the name Chungthag is believed to have been derived from the Punjabi word 'Chunga Sthan' which means 'A good place', which is believer to have been conferred on Chungthang by Guru Nanak ji himself.


Chungthang is situated about 95 km from the Sikkim's capital, Gangtok. The town is perched at an avrage elevation of 1790 meters and is located at 27.62°N 88.63°E.

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