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Located amidst thick forests in West Sikkim, Rinchenpong is known for its breathtaking views of mountains and its beautiful surroundings. The town of Rinchenpong is situated at an altitude of 5576ft above sea level and is an apt spot for short trekking expeditions.

Viewpoints of Rinchenpong...

Rinchenpong is not only known for its beautiful location and serene atmosphere. Travellers are also attracted to this place for the breathtaking viewpoints of the Kanchenjunga ranges that it offers. If you are tired to viewing the Kanchenjunga from the busy town of Kanchenjunga, Rinchenpong is an ideal destination to marvel its beauty while staying away from the city.

Historical Significance of Richenpong

Rinchenpong has its significance in history too. This is the place where the historical battle between the Chogyal (King) of Sikkim and the British forces were held. It led to the loss of many Britishers as the local tribals of Sikkim, the Lepcha, had poisoned the only source of water in that area which was a lake. Till date the lake remains poisoned and is locally known as “bikh-pokhri” which translates as 'poisoned lake'.

Tourist Attractions of Rinchenpong

The place has a picturesque setting that keeps every traveller want to spend some time there. Apart from the richness of beauty of the location, Rinchenpong also has some famous tourist attractions to add to it. The Rinchenpong monastery, Maggi Dara and the Rabindra Smriti Van are some of the main attractions of Rinchenpong.

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