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Also called the Buddha Museum because it predominantly has on display exhibits related to the life and times of the Buddha, Kushinagar Museum was built in 1992-1993 in Kushinagar. The city was not only consecrated by the visits and sermons of the Buddha, but it was here that he left his mortal body and achieved the Mahaparinirvan.

Kushinagar museum is situated approximately one kilometer in the south east of the city bus stand, about half a kilometer from the Mahaparinirvana temple and three kilometers from Kasia Bus Stand. Its central location makes it easily accessible to the pilgrims and tourists.

The museum houses an invaluable wealth of archeological exhibits related to the rich history and culture of Kushinagar and the surrounding region.

The main corpus of the collection primarily consists of 248 exhibits. They include terracotta items especially the icons of Buddha, sculptures, architectural remnants of those times, bronze statues, banner paintings or Thankas, clay seals, coins, bricks and a host of other antiques.

The principal attraction of the museum is the idol of Lord Buddha sitting in meditation posture. It has been built according to the principles of the Gandhara School of Art.


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