Nilgiris Museum, Kotagiri

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The Nilgiris Museum is housed in the same Pethakal Bungalow as the John Sullivan Memorial and the Nilgiri Documentation Centre. It offers a candid view of the history of the Nilgiris and will take you on a trip through every period, right from the inception of the country’s first hill station in Ootacamund to its present day glory.

Several rare specimens of plants and animals are preserved here, including stuffed animals and birds. This is a place that has documented every major instance of cultural and economic shift that the district has experienced over the course of several centuries.

You must have to appreciate that they have done a very good job at it. Tourists come here to know the past of this hill station and the district of the Nilgiris as a whole. All recorded history of Kotagiri is available, from the Colonial period during British rule; hence a trip to the museum will indeed be worth it.

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