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Someshwara temple is one among the most famous Lord Shiva temples in Karnataka. It is in Pura, a small village in Kustagi Taluk of Koppal district. The small but beautiful village of Pura is also known by the name of Sagaddepura.

Someshwara temple showcases the architectural skills of people in the Hoysala age. The main idol in this temple is that of Someshwara or Shiva riding Nandi, a bull. The temple also has idols of Lord Vishnu, Umamaheswara and Saptamatrikas.

Pura can be reached easily as Shimoga district is well connected to rest of the cities in Karnataka and other neighboring states by roads and railways. Srirangapattana is the closest city to Pura village. Frequent bus transportation service is also available from Srirangapattana to Pura. It is much faster to reach Pura by road than any other means of transport.

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