Swami Pranavananda Ashram, Kolli Hills

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The Swami Pranavananda Ashram is located close to the Vilavam town in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. Situated away from human habitation, the ashram has an aura of total divinity and peace. The hills surrounding the Ashram are maintained unofficially by the Ashram staff that look to prevent any sort of pollution via dumping of plastic, smoking and/or other means. Breaking of tree branches and plucking of flowers are also frowned upon. Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadutta Swamigal presides over the Ashram and is a Frenchman by birth.

It said that the Swamiji had a clear vision of the Lord Shiva during penance and built a temple dedicated to the God. Community work including cleaning, cooking, gardening and the like, spiritual discussions and meditation are some of the activities carried out daily in the Ashram.


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