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The quiet little town of Kolar lies in the eastern edge of Karnataka. Spread over an area of 3,969 km, Kolar borders Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh, thus earning it the sobriquet of the Eastern Gateway to Karnataka'. Kolar is today famous for its gold mines but it has a golden past as well - a past that has given the town some truly magnificent temples and fortresses.

The Legends Around Kolar

One of the myths and legends that revolve around Kolar is that it was the abode of Valmiki, the ancient saint. Lord Ram visited him in Kolar after his exile and it was here where Goddess Sita stayed when Lord Ram banished her from his life. Their sons Luv and Kush were born in Valmiki's ashram at Kolar. The warrior-saint Parasuram reportedly lived in the green hills that fringe the western side of Kolar.

As far as recorded history is concerned, Kolar's name is evocative of its past. Kolar is derived from the word Kolahahapura which means `violent city'. The hills of this cool little town have seen violent battles between the Cholas and the Chalukya dynasties.

Tourist places in and around Kolar

The remains of this glorious past can still be witnessed in the town. The Kolaramma and Someswara temple are worth visiting. Other popular activities for visitors include adventure sports like parasailing and rock-climbing.

How to reach Kolar

Kolar is located 65 kilometers from Bangalore and is well connected by rail and road.

Best time to visit Kolar

July to September is consider as the ideal time to visit Kolar.


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