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Ghati Subramanya - Of Idols And Mirrors


The Ghati Subramanya Temple near Doddaballapur lies 60 km from Bangalore city. It is located in the Bangalore Rural district. The temple has had a great significance for pilgrims down the ages and the popularity of the deities here has defied the passage of time and even today, scores of the devout visit the temple daily.

What's Unique About The Temple

The main deities here are Subramanya and Laxmi Narayan. There is something unique about the idol. Both the deities are carved into the same idol, with Subramanya facing east and Laxmi Narayan facing west. The devotees can view Laxmi Narayan through a strategically placed mirror.

The temple architecture, as well as the special festival and occasions at the temple, also bring in a rush of visitors.

Tourist Places In And Around Ghati Subramanya

A visit to the Ghati Subramanya Temple can be combined with some sightseeing of the lovely countryside. In addition to this, there are other temples at Doddaballapur, which lie 12 km away. The itinerary can also include a trip to Nandi Hills.

How To Reach Ghati Subramanya

The nearest airport to the temple is the Bangalore International Airport. There are also buses running from Bangalore to Doddaballapur. You would have to depend on local transport to reach Ghati Subramanya from Doddaballapur, and the nearest railway station is at Makali Durga.

Best Time To Visit Ghati Subramanya

Winter is the best season to visit Ghati Subramanya.

Ghati Subramanya is Famous for

Ghati Subramanya Weather

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How to Reach Ghati Subramanya

  • By Road
    Ghati Subramanya can be reached via Bangalore which is at a distance of 52.6kms through Doddaballapur. Distance of Doddaballapur and Bangalore is 41.2kms. It can reached by private vehicles or rented cabs as direct buses are quite less in number.
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  • By Train
    Ghati Subramanya can reached by train through Makalidurga station which is quite close to Bangalore. Distance between Makalidurga and Ghati Subramanya is 4.5kms and the distance of Makalidurga from Bangalore is 57kms.
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  • By Air
    By air Bangalore International Airport is the closest airport to reach Ghati Subramanya.
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