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Anthargange is a destination that will surely please the adventure buffs. The name Anthargange actually refers to a perennial spring, which lies on the hills to the East of Kolar district in Karnataka. The spring gushes its ways through some massive rock formations that come together to form a warren of big and small caves.

This rocky hill range has a dense forest at the base, which is also worth exploring. The vegetation thins out towards the apex of the rock structure and the top is crowned with some thorny bushes.

Adventure Options For Travellers

The charm of Anthargange lies in its rocky structure and caves. For those with a spirit of adventure, rock climbing and trekking up the hill can be great experiences. The caves here are also worth exploring. The trek up takes at least an hour or two, while coming down will be much faster and easier. Rappelling and high-rope traversing are other options for the adventure seekers.

Anthargange also has a religious significance and there are pilgrims who come here to see the perennial spring and an old temple. In fact, the spring ends its course in the mouth of a stone bull, which is a part of the temple structure.

How To Reach Anthargange

The place lies at a distance of 68 km from Bangalore and the excellent roadways and connectivity options have contributed to its tourist influx.

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