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The beautiful temple of Lord Shiva is the highlight of a visit to the Male Mahadeshwara Hills, but the area is also a must-see for nature lovers. The stunning temple edifice is located close to dense forests and a trip to Male Mahadeshwara Hills can be invigorating for both your body and soul.

A Temple in the Wild

The Male Mahadeshwara hills are located around 140 kilometers from the city of Mysore in the Chamarajanagar district. The hills are at a height of 3000 feet from sea level.

Tourist places in MM Hills

The Mahadeshwara temple itself in a beautiful setting and is surrounded by hills and forests is a prominant tourist place or attraction in MM Hills. According to legends, Mahadeshwara is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. The local believe that he performed penance here and that he still continues to live in the Shiva Linga that is installed in the temple.

One of the wonders of the temple is a mysterious perennial spring that seems to originate underground. However, its source has not yet been discovered.

The forests of Male Mahadeshwara Hills are full of sandalwood and bamboo trees. Wildlife present here includes elephants, guars, spotted deer and rare sightings of leopard are also something that you can look forward to. Some of the parts of these hills served as the hide-outs of the notorious poacher Veerapan.

How to reach MM Hills

Buses from Bangalore and Mysore will take you to the Male Mahadeshwara Hills.

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