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MM Hills Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In MM Hills

  • 01Mahadeswara Temple

    While on a trip to MM Hills, travellers must visit Mahadeswara Temple that is dedicated to Lord Sri Male Mahadeswara. Mahadeswara Temple is situated in the centre of a dense forest, in the Chamarajanagar District. As this pilgrimage site lies amidst a forest, it attracts devotees as well as nature lovers.

    Mahadeswara Temple is surrounded by 77 hills in the Eastern Ghats. According to mythology, Lord Sri Male Mahadeswara is one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. The locals sing about the tales and miracles of Lord Sri Mahadeswara in the Janapada style.

    As per the popular folklore, Lord Sri Male Mahadeswara used to ride on a tiger named Huli Vahana. During that time he performed numerous miracles to protect the saints and people residing on this hill. Lord Sri Male Mahadeswara is regarded as the family deity of the tribes of this hill, namely Kadukurubas, Jenu Kurubas and many others.

    As per historical evidence, Lord Sri Male Mahadeshwara is believed to have lived in the 15th century. Additional information states that he was the 3rd leader of the Haradanahalli Math. Tourists upon reaching this site can take a holy dip in the stream, 'Antaragange'.

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