Adinarayanaswamy Temple, Kolar

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It is 'recommended' that travellers should explore the Adinarayanaswamy Temple that lies on top of Yellodu Hills in Kolar District. It is a cave temple that is situated at a distance of 12 km from Bagepalli. This pilgrimage site enshrines a stone statue of Udbhavamurthy sans ornaments and jewels. On every Sunday, a special puja is performed at this site.

Devotees across the country converge at Adinarayanaswamy Temple during the Car Festival that is organised on the third Sunday of Magha month, which falls between February and March. In order to reach this temple, pilgrims need to climb a total of 618 steps. Out of 618 steps, the two steps close to this pilgrimage site are unusually high and can be crossed only with the assistance of a rope.

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