Kolar Betta or Kolar Hills, Kolar

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It is 'recommended' that travellers should visit Kolar Betta that is situated at a distance of 2 km from Kolar Town. Kolar Betta or Kolar Hills, previously called Satasringa Hills (hundred peaked mountain), acts as the ideal picnic spot for tourists. Upon reaching Kolar Betta, visitors will get the chance to explore a huge plateau. Moreover, Antara Gange, a perennial spring can be viewed in the eastern side of this hill.

Tourists can see water coming out from the mouth of stone bull (Basava) that can be spotted at Antara Gange. This water keeps on flowing throughout the year, though the source of this water is still a mystery.

The water is considered to be sacred by natives. As per popular belief, Ganga flows at this site from South India, which is why the spot has been named Antara Gange. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated besides Antara Gange. Travellers interested in exploring Kolar Betta have to climb more than 100 steps in order to reach it.

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