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Tourists on a trip to Kolar are 'recommended' to visit Kolar Gold Fields that is located in Bangarapet Taluk. The site is renowned for producing gold during the British Raj. During the colonial period, the city was home to nationals from Italy, Germany and United Kingdom, apart from Anglo-Indians.

Kolar Gold Fields was once home to thousands of families of employees working in Bharat Gold Mines Ltd. (BGML). However, since 2003 this figure has reduced to less than a hundred thousand due to closing of mines.

The British had termed Kolar Gold Field site as 'Little England' because of its landscape and temperate weather, which is similar to that of Britain. Upon visiting the site, tourists will get the chance to sight the bungalows constructed in British architectural style.

Kolar is the second city in Asia after Tokyo (Japan) to get electricity from the hydroelectric project. This hydroelectricity project (Shivanasamudra) was the first in South India, which was commenced on 1902 to generate electricity for the Kolar Gold Fields. Travellers can explore famous Dodabetta Hill that lies at an elevation of 3195 feet to east of Kolar Gold Fields.

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