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The Kohima Zoo or the Zoological Park is one of the most well maintained zoos in the country and serves as a great attraction for tourists coming to Nagaland. Built on a hill, the natural landscape offers a comforting habitat to the animals and birds. The hill has been innovatively utilized creating free spaces where the animals have been housed. It is an ideal place to trek and enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna of Nagaland.

The biggest attraction in the zoo is the rare Tragopan bird which is the state bird of Nagaland. It is a highly endangered species with an estimated 500 remaining. Apart from the Tragopan bird other attractions in the Kohima Zoo include 'Mithun' a species of the wild buffalo which is also the state animal. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of the Golden Languor and Asiatic Black Bear in this zoo apart from many other wild animals.


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