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Greater Kohima, Kohima

Greater Kohima is the urban agglomeration around Nagaland's capital city, Kohima. This agglomeration includes the village of Kohima, Jakhama and Jotsoma. There are a lot of attractions for the people in greater Kohima, including the Nagaland State Museum, which is a treasure house offering you a glimpse into Naga culture through the history of various Naga tribes. Apart from the museum, other places which are a much visit in the greater Kohima area include the Zoological Park, where you come across some of the rare flora and fauna.

A trip to Khonoma, Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary, World War II Cemetery and the Catholic Cathedral is a must for any tourist visiting this part of the world. You should also pay a visit to the state emporium where you can shop for Naga arts and artefacts including the world famous Naga shawls. Don’t forget to try out on some of the exotic mouth-watering dishes.