Kohima State Museum, Kohima

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Kohima State Museum offers tourists 360 degree insight into the history and culture of Nagaland and the tribes. Established in the year 1970 by the Government of Nagaland, this museum is located at Bayavü Hill, about which is about one and a half kilometre from the heart of the town. The museum showcases various aspects of Naga life and tradition including their arts and artefacts, ancient weaponary, colourful traditional dresses, Naga cuisine among others.

The museum has a rare collection of precious stones including cornelian, tourmaline, coral, and other artefacts made out of brass and silver bells. Apart from this ceremonial attire of various Naga tribes along with their musical instruments, are also on display including the Log drum and Tati which is a single stringed instrument. The models of the Naga Morung or the traditional huts of the different tribes are one of the biggest attractions of the museum.


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