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Kohima Weather

Kohima enjoys a humid sub-tropical climate which remains pleasant for most parts of the year.


(March to May): The summer season attracts maximum number of tourists to this town, thanks to the pleasant weather with maximum temperature hovering around the 25° C mark.


(June to September): Being a part of the Japfü Barail intersection, Kohima experiences heavy rainfall during the months from June to September. The average rainfall during this period hovers over the 300 mm mark every month. This brings the scenic town to life, and it is quite a sight to see.


(November to February): Winters are harsh in Kohima due to its altitude and temperatures drop from the month of November and remain low till February. The minimum and maximum temperature range from 8° C and 16° C during this period with occasional spells of rain. It is during this time that the annual Hornbill Festival is held.