Raneh Falls, Khajuraho

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Raneh Falls is situated in the Chhatarpur district, at a distance 43 km from Khajuraho town. It is a majestic waterfall on the Kern River. The Kern River forms large cannon of 5 km in length and 30 m in depth. The canyon is created from pure crystalline granites that display various shades of colors ranging from pink to red and sometimes grey also.

A number of waterfalls of various sizes plunge into the canon. Some of them are present all year long while a few smaller ones dry up during the summer months and appear in their full force during the monsoon season. Raneh Falls flows adjacent to the Panna National Park.

The beauty of the place is majestic. The greenery of the forest and the gleaming water of the falls make for a picturesque view. People visiting Raneh Falls take back wonderful memories of a natural and exclusive view.


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