Gangau Dam, Khajuraho

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Gangau Dam is situated at the confluence of Simiri and Kan rivers. The dam is surrounded by the Panna National Park and the Gangu Sanctuary. The natural beauty of the dam is increased many-fold during the winter when migratory birds of various species visit the area.

The charming environment of the dam is such that locals as well as tourists flock to this area for sightseeing. The dam holds immense attraction for various sections of people like nature lovers, anglers and adventure seekers. The dam controls the flow of water of the Ken River.

Visitors have the option of enjoying various water activities such as boating and angling. The place is also famous as a picnic spot among the locals. It is a regular sight to see lots of people near the dam enjoying the beauty of nature and the charm of the water on weekends or during the holiday season.


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