Petua-Gosani Thaan, Kaziranga

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Petua-Gosani Thaan is an old temple in this part of the region. The locals worship Goddess Kali and the temple is one of the oldest places where the goddess is still worshipped. The locals pray to Goddess Kali as Kesaikhaiti.

There is an interesting story relating to the British invasion of the Lakhimpur region and how they discovered this temple. It had taken the British quite some time to take control over the Lakhimpur region. While they were establishing their rule over the area, they discovered the temple. It is believed that in the earlier days the Daphala people now residing in Arunchal Pradesh would come to the Petua-Gosani Thaan for pilgrimage.

The Petua-Gosani Thaan is till today a celebrated and famous temple where Goddess Kali is worshipped. Every year, the locals celebrate the Durga Puja at the temple. The temple is not every far from Kaziranga National Park.


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