Tea Gardens, Kaziranga

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Tea gardens are the pride of Assam. Assam tea is famous for its flavour and colour. While on a visit to the Kaziranga National Park, tourists must make it a point to visit a few tea gardens located close by.

The lush green small bushes rolling down the hills are a sight that everyone should witness once in a lifetime. Many of these tea gardens welcome tourists warmly and open the estates for public viewing. The most prominent tea gardens near the national park are the Methoni, Hathkhuli, Difalu, Borchapori and Behora tea gardens.

While it is possible to go on a day-visit to these tea gardens, some of the tea gardens also have the facility for night stays. For tourists visiting the national park for a few days, a night stay at a tea garden is a good idea. Most of the tea gardens are closely located to the park and travelling to them isn’t difficult.


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