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Panbari Reserve Forest, Kaziranga

Panbari Reserve Forest is located close to the Kaziranga National Park and falls under the Golaghat district. In the Panbari Reserve Forest, many exotic birds can be seen such as the Crested Goshawk, the Great Indian Hornbill etc.

There are several uncharted areas within the forest and tourists can take the help of forest guards and guides to reach these areas. A guide has to be hired from the base known as Kohara. It approximately takes two hours to see the entire forest.

In the forest, which is spread over an approximate area of 10 sq km, one can expect to also spot the Speckled Piculet, Pied Falconet and the Crow Billed Drongo. It is one of the few remaining highland forest areas of Kaziranga today.

Tourists can also enjoy a panoramic view of the Numaligarh Tea Estate from the Panbari Reserve Forest. While visiting the national park, one must also visit the Panbari Reserve Forest.

Panbari Reserve Forest Photos