Deoparbat Ruins, Kaziranga

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Deoparbat Ruins is located 5 kilometres from Numaligarh in Golaghat District and is close to the Kaziranga National Park. Also known as the Deopahar (two hills), the Deoparbat Ruins is famous for the archaeological ruins on top of a hill.

There is an ancient temple at the top of the hills with broken statues scattered all around. These broken statues give an insight on how old the temple is. Climbing the Deopahar is quite tiring especially on a hot day. But once atop, the sight is mind-blowing. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of the Numaligarh tea estate from the hill top and also the nearby Kabi Anglong hills. Numaligarh is particularly famous for the Numaligarh Oil Refinery.

Taxis can be easily booked from Kaziranga National Park to reach the Deoparbat Ruins in Numaligarh. Tourists can club a few destinations in the Golaghat district while on a day trip to the nearby attractions.


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